Social Media Its Role in MarketingSocial media is one of the key points of marketing nowadays most especially with the modern technology we have and we can make the most out of. Modern types of advertising such as internet marketing and mobile marketing, as well as conventional types of advertising such as the newspaper, billboards, magazines, and telemarketing has actually made use of social media and realized its significance.

What is social media?

Social media has been interchangeably referred with social networking but these two are entirely two separate things with own entity and description. Based on its web definition, social media refers to the various ways of creating, sharing, and exchanging information and ideas in virtual communities and networks by letting individuals and/or company interact. It is actually a inexpensive tool that anyone or any business can use for personal use or advertising.

What is the role of social media in marketing?

Social media is key point in the modern marketing. Internet marketing and mobile marketing thrives with the contemporary and varied opportunities social media can offer. Yet despite the significance of social media in marketing, some have neglected to understand its role in marketing nowadays. The following reasons are enumerated to enlighten you with the role of social media in marketing and its importance. These reasons are the two main factors that encompass the central points of the social media in modern marketing.

  • Social media creates real-time communication meaning the interactions between individuals in virtual communities are active and legit. Every second from all kinds of time zones, someone logs in, checks the updates, and then gives feedback. With this kind of communication brought in by social media, you get to promote your goods and/or services anytime with actually interaction. Aside from that, with the regular interaction, you will be able to build relationships with potential consumers and maintain such relationships while marketing your goods and/or services.

  • Social media endows your goods and/or services with their own identities as well as to your name or your company. This is possible because people have to ability to share and spread the word in a matter of seconds through social media. Imagine if there was no social media though one gambled into internet and mobile marketing, the development of the sales and advertisement will definitely be lesser than what you’ve expected. In short, social media is an important tool that advertises your goods, services, or business and maintains its stature.

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